Leaving a Trace in the Ski Industry

The Leave a Trace Ski and Ride Foundation has been established to encourage people in the snow sports world to leave a trace of their love of riding by spreading it to less advantaged communities around the snowy regions of the world. By providing gear and instruction we can help grow the love of snow sports, economic development, environmental stewardship, and good health. Whether you are a ski/snowboard tourist or a pro athlete in an exotic locale, consider leaving gear with the host community when you depart. If you are a snow rider with gear that you no longer need please consider donating it to our organization and we will work to get that gear to people who simply do not have the access to quality equipment. By doing this we can make a difference by Leaving our Trace in a joyful, life changing way. 



Connecting gear and instruction with marginalized snow riders around the globe. 

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At Leave a Trace Ski and Ride Foundation, we are dedicated to changing the way the snow sports industry interacts with marganilized communities that do not have access to quality gear.



Provide professional development to the host community's snow sports instructors.



Examine the snow sports industry through a different lens by giving voice to lesser heard populations. In doing this we hope to create a new dialogue that is 
less about profit and more about inclusion, heath, and stewardship.


In February 2020 we successfully delivered and distributed six pair of big free-ride skis to instructors and Berber youth at Oukaimeden ski village in Morocco. We are also donating goretex pants donated by JHMR with the Lummi Tribe in Washington to help gain support for their newly created ski and ride club. These are initial examples of a vast range of possibilities.

We encourage folks in the ski/ride industry to donate their gear after a movie shooting we encourage them to donate their gear to the host ski area. when your overseas -  Leave your gear.

On a larger scale we would love it if the film makers would leave their gear on the location thy film. Donation or such equipment can change lives. need to persuade film-makers to give more back to the locales and people they sometimes seem to treat only as exotic props for their movies. The same goes for manufacturers who like to have beautiful places in their photo shoots and are in positions to leave clothing, paychecks and good will behind.





Founder and President

Founder and President Ashley "Uhu" Teren holds a Masters Degree in Education and is a Level III PSIA (Professional Ski Instructors of America)  instructor. She strives to ski and give back to lesser known snowy regions of the globe. Ashley grew up ski racing in Utah and finished her high school education in Islamabad, Pakistan. She spent her college and graduate school years in Hawaii where she became an accomplished spear-fisher woman and completely forgot about skiing. Upon her return to the US mainland, after a 15 year break from skiing, she wholeheartedly immersed herself in the industry by skiing every month of the year, ski/summiting peaks in the summer, and honing her PSIA credentials in the winter. Using frequent flyer miles Ashley travels to shadowy corners of the globe to discover new cultures, new lines, and creative ways to give back to local communities.



Board Chair

Jay Cowan has been writing about skiing, travel, people and politics for the better part of five decades. He has been published in a wide variety of magazines and newspapers around the world and received multiple awards for his work. A longtime former contributing editor at SKI, he currently writes for SNOW and Skiing History among others, and his books include Hunter S. Thompson, The Best of the Alps, In the Land of Living Dangerously, and Scandal Aspen. After growing up and living in Aspen, Colorado, he now resides in Montana and travels as widely and often as possible. “I would like to see skiers and riders and the industry that they support give back more broadly to the people around the planet who we have the ability to reach through our love of snow sports, and I think the Leave a Trace Foundation is a great vehicle for that.”



Board Member and Treasurer

Dr. Lynn Morgan Stonebreaker is the owner, designer, and maker of the jewelry for the Soul and Spirit Jewelry studio. She has been designing and making unique, one-of-a-kind jewelries for over thirty years and has studied jewelry making in Massachusetts, Florida, Nevada, and California. Her jewelry has been featured in art gallery shows and juried art fairs in California and Florida, and has been featured in jewelry, clothing, and gift shops in the San Francisco Bay area, Central Valley in California, and Nevada.



Get in touch with Leave a Trace Ski and Ride Foundation to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

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