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Hunza, Pakistan

Azam is the founder of Hunza Ski Club that works to promote snow sports (ski, ride and ice skate) to the young and talented athletes of Northern Pakistan. Azam Baig is from the legendary Hunza Valley of Northern Pakistan, that was the bases for James Hilton’s Shangri-La in his 1933 novel Lost Horizons. Azam is the son of Jahan Baig who was prominent guide in the Karakoram and Himalaya ranges. Jahan Baig lost his life on a K2 expedition; Azam honors his father legacy by sharing snow sports with the youth of his region. 



Oregon, USA

As the founder and CEO of Functional Botanicals, Cassandra Davis is dedicated to forging her own path in art and business. She is passionate and fierce, both in business and in life. Cassandra first hit the slopes learning to ski up in the woods of Northern Minnesota on a small community ski hill, Ski Gull. The lessons she learned as a child at Ski Gull shaped the way she approaches business and the principles that guide her life. With a lifelong love for nature, health, and adventure, she leads Functional Botanicals to offer practical and aesthetic solutions to everyday circumstances, delivering wellness through personal hygiene and an easy way to refresh anywhere. Cassandra believes that an unconventional and creative perspective breeds new ways to do business to better our personal wellness, communities, and planet. 

Cassandra diligently shows up in all aspects of her personal and professional life. She is a mother, adventurer, athlete and community leader. When not hard at work, she spends her free time skiing, surfing, running, cooking, and creating beauty in everything she does.

Cassandra Davis

CEO | Functional Botanicals

541-708-1387 | Office 

541-261-8981 | Cell



Oregon, USA

Alexis de saint Phalle is a single parent ski bum who learned to ski at Badger pass ski area, Founded the church of Ullr and he might just like Skiing more than you. Sacha is the founder of Calm Yo Butt Down CBD Wipes.



Utah, USA

Anthony is an advocate for health and wellness for people, place and planet.  A lifelong outdoor enthusiast, CHEK practitioner and entrepreneur, his journey brought him to Mole National Forest in Ghana, Africa where he started a sustainable bee keeping co-op with two indigenous groups.  The co-op branched into a sustainable industry for honey production and a women run co-op for Shea butter.  Aseda has become a nationally recognized brand with many partnerships which have created and are in the process of creating powerful health and healing products.  Through regenerative practices in community and environment, Anthony builds relationships to this end. Anthony is thrilled to be a part of the Leave a Trace Ski and Ride Foundation.  "Skiing the mountains have brought me infinite wisdom, gratitude and love in my life.  I am happy to support a cause that seeks to share this experience." 

Anthony Baron Kirk President and Founder

801 231 5488 | |

Aseda, LLC | 175 W 2700 S Suite 6 | Salt Lake City, UT 84115

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Oregon, USA

Bob Kuehn has been in “The Industry” for over three decades.  A former Professional and National Ski Patroler with over ten years in that service.  An entire lifetime spent in the mountains dates back to very early years going to Yosemite and Tuolumne Meadows with his father; hking the high country.  The appreciation and love of the outdoors and mountains has grown since and is fundamental to who he is.  
  Mountaineering since his early 20’s and making ski descents off Cascade Peaks long before the current growth of Backcountry skiing Bob has seen huge changes in the influx of people and in the equipment they now use.  He hold AIARE Level II avalance certification and is active in snow safety through the local association.
  Bob holds a BS in Behavioral Science w/ a minor in American and world history.  Along with those degrees he has a post bachelorette degree in Exercise Physiology and Human Performace and Athletic Training.  Following a career based on the post bac degrees he went with his passion and love of mountains and winter to work in the ski industry.
  Bob has been a ski and binding technician for twenty plus years as well.  Trained to professional standards by companies such as SWIX and WINTERSTEIGER he is a skiiled craftsman who sees skis and snowboards as more than the tools they are.
  Mostly retired now he still puts in time at Gravity Sports at Mt. Bachelor working in the ski demo program.

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Lummi Nation in Washington State

Nickolaus Dee Lewis is the co-founder of the Xwelemi Nation Snowboard Family, who's mission is to afford an opportunity for families to experience the wonders of winter sports, and to improve the quality of life for Lummi families promoting health and wellness. Nickolaus is a tribal citizen of the Lummi Nation in Washington State and the Chairman of the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board. Lewis is a veteran of the U.S. Navy (2000 to 2008). He is the grandson of the late Chief Sa-hum-kun (Donald Lewis) and believes that as his grandson he must honor his name by serving his people as his grandfather has done before him.Prior to his service on Tribal Council, Mr. Lewis worked as a juvenile and adult probation officer where he helped create the first Swift, Certain, and Fair Probation Model for a Native American Tribe, inspired by HOPE Probation in Hawaii. This model was called Lummi Chinqinst Probation, as “Chinqinst” translates to “Beginning to be on the right path.”



Washington, USA

Nancy C. Maryboy, PhD. is the Founding President and Executive Director of the Indigenous Education Institute (IEI) whose mission is preserving, protecting, and applying Indigenous knowledge in current settings. The focus of IEI is on using Indigenous knowledge to create pathways to sustainable ways of living.

She is a consultant in areas of indigenous science, indigenous astronomy (specializing in Navajo and Cherokee astronomy), film- making and strategic planning.  She is adjunct professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Northern Arizona University, where she teaches an online course in Indigenous Astronomy.

She was a faculty member and administrator at Dine College, the Navajo Tribal College, for 13 years. She studied at Smith College, Stanford University and Goddard College. She has a Ph.D. in Native Science from the California Institute for Integral Studies. She is Cherokee/Navajo and comes from a family of traditional and medical healers. She lives in Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, WA.

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Alaska, USA

Volunteer Rescuer, Board Member, and Public Education Chairperson for Portland Mountain Rescue, Children's Cancer Association Chemo-pal. Passionate about the outdoors and nature and sharing what it has to offer with those that would otherwise not have the opportunity. Documenting its beauty on film to share with those that are confined. Our lives have an expiration date, use every day wisely, and may all endeavors have purpose.



Austria, Sweden, USA

Jimmy Petterson is an American, educated at the University of Southern California, with a BA in history and an MA in Instruction and Curriculum. He could have spent his life molding young minds and preparing the next generation to take over our world.  Instead, to his father’s great disappointment, he has spent most of the last 47 winters as a ski bum, during which time he has skied on all seven continents, 75 countries, and more than 600 ski resorts.

For the past 30 years, Jimmy has tried to at least partly finance his ski addiction by writing and photographing his adventures for ski magazines. His work has been published in 22 countries and he has produced 35 magazine front covers and more than 600 feature articles. He has also hosted and helped produce a 6-part documentary series for television called Raider of the Lost Snow and a documentary called Putin’s Olympics.

In 2005, Jimmy finished a mammoth project combining his ski adventures into a 440-page coffee-table book called Skiing Around the World. Volume 2 of Skiing Around the World—more than 600 all new pages and more than 1000 photos—was published in autumn of 2019. At the same time, Volume 1, which had been out of print for almost a decade, was reprinted as well. 

When he is not in pursuit of the perfect powder dump or the ultimate ski descent, Jimmy keeps busy playing rock ‘n’ roll in a band with his son.

Jimmy's Band:

Bill Berry Award Acceptance Speech:

Baldur Award from International Ski History Association:

Skiing Around the World:

Talking Skiing Interview

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Oregon, USA

Ski instructor at Mt Bachelor for 19 years and a veteran boot tester. PSIA Level III Alpine instructor with a Senior Specialist accreditation. NASTAR national champion in 1973 and a retired Foreign Service Officer. That makers her the most worldly of our ski bum-centric test team. When not skiing, she's often found casting a fly at permit on a salt flat somewhere exotic.

Lee Ann is the backbone of the nationally recognized and NSAA award winning for best Beginner Conversion Program in the country award winning ​"Ski or Ride in Five" program based at Mt Bachelor, Oregon.



Marrakech, Morocco

World traveler Kharim is a native of Morocco; he surfs and snowboards around the globe. He is the owner and founder of Marrakech Surf and Snow.

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Oregon, USA

Brian Smith has traveled extensively in Nepal doing research on Nepal’s disabled, including having climbed Mt Everest in 2007.  Brian has now spent over two years in Nepal, and has traveled through 27 of Nepal's districts during his 11 different visits.  He founded Helping Assist Nepal's Disabled (H.A.N.D) in 2008 and currently serves as Founder/Executive Director- His network of doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, social workers and pharmacists is extensive.  He was certified as a WEMT/MPIC in 2008 from Remote Medical International. 

In addition to Nepal, he enjoys traveling in both the United States and abroad.  He has traveled to all 50 of the United States, as well as 19 countries on four different continents.  Other hobbies include high altitude mountaineering, white water and sea kayaking, scuba diving, dog sledding, and sport aviation. Brian lived and worked in the Republic of Georgia from 2011-2014 as a full-time English teacher and full-time winter ski instructor to Georgian, Azeri, Turkish, Korean and Russian students. 



BC, Canada

Sarah Weinberg grew up in the Coast Range of BC.  She started patrolling at the young ripe age of 19 and is still following the snow 30 years later.  After realising that she was a small person at 5'1" she switched from professional schlepper to official trail breaker and started backcountry ski guiding and teaching avalanche sciences.  After 16 back to back winters between Chile and Utah Sarah made her way back to BC where she now resides deep in the Tantalus Range and enjoys weekends with her snowmobile and her Alpacas.

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Hunza, Pakistan
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